Sunday, September 14, 2014


Why must we forgive and move on as though nothing ever happened? 
   Depending on the situation, sometimes the hurt overwhelms us to the point we can't forget? 
   So if we can't forget, what is the point of forgiveness?
   Perhaps we should just move forward letting go of the situation and lower the trust bar we once held high learning not to trust that person as much any longer. 
   We can then forgive, but also learn from our mistakes. 
   I say forgive but don't ever forget!!!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Feeling Lazy

As the morning rises and coffee's drank the feeling of exhaustion still remains. 

We sit outside waiting to rise hoping motivation moves us to get through this day.

As time clicks by we've missed the day the moon has now rolled in and of course the kids finally want to play

So much for showers and all the plans we had we'll just stare at the stars and until it's time for bed.

As I lay here hoping for motivation in the days to come I finally realize that hey sometimes it's great to just sit and be a bum