Thursday, April 14, 2011

Loved and Lost

Who ever said
"it's better to have Loved and Lost, than to never Loved at all" 
 is an idiot!

"When the pain inside just seems to last, 
and the memories fill your eyes, with shadows of your past.
The children remind you of what you once had,  
The love you lost afraid to be sad,
I loved my wife for all that she made me, 
and when she left it made me crazy. 
As these days keep passing I start to think back,
of the love I once had, GOD how I miss that.
It's not the face or that person within, 
buts the warm touch I long to be with. 
The embrace of a women holding you close, 
makes a man feel like a man when your down the most.
I look in the eyes of my 2 precious girls,
and fall to my knees with shivers and chills.
The sensation of parenthood blinds me the most, 
I just can't wait to tickle their toes. 
As the girls get older will they understand, 
there's daddy and mommy and some other man.
I try each day not to let them see,
the pain behind my eyes, man I'm lonely.
January has gone it made 3years, 
since the whisper of a women rang in my ears.
The summer is here and now I can see, 
looking back on my life "GOD has blessed me"!
I have only 1 wish for the man up above,
please send me a girl to fill me with love. 

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